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About Passantino Andersen

Passantino Andersen is an award-winning strategic communications company that expertly employs the power of persuasion to help our clients achieve their organizational objectives.

When the stakes are high and victory is the only acceptable outcome, you need a strategist that is well-connected, versatile, accessible and capable of flawless execution.

Our team is comprised of respected professionals with backgrounds in journalism, politics, energy, retail, hospitality, land use, and non profits.

We shape public opinion, build consensus, pass ballot measures, win land use battles, influence legislation, manage crises, create goodwill and strengthen reputations.

Our service area is Southern California, with a special focus on: the Antelope, San Fernando, and San Gabriel Valleys; the High Desert; and the Inland Empire. We also have strategic alliances in California’s Central Valley, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona.

With our collaborative approach, creative thinking and competitive spirit, we are constantly delivering excellence for our clients. Let us deliver excellence for you.


We believe our role as a company is to develop strategies, mobilize people, leverage resources and deploy initiatives to attract greater capital investment in the communities we serve. By harnessing the power of capitalism to improve economic, social and cultural conditions, we help enrich people’s lives.


- Our Team Members

We believe our people make our company great
We encourage and invest in professional growth
We employ caring, dependable people who are ethical and trustworthy
We reward innovation, initiative and individual achievement
We are proud of our name, reputation and record of success

- Our Clients

We are always accessible 
We give honest assessments and sound advice
We provide superior service at a fair price
We seek and embrace constructive criticism
We don’t want what we haven’t earned


We are passionately committed to liberty
We believe in the unbridled power of the free market
We embrace competition and cherish victory
We will never work to harm a legitimate enterprise

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