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For many years, the home building industry in San Bernardino County, CA had been stigmatized by negative perceptions about impacts related to new home construction. These perceptions, however misplaced, included more traffic, higher crime rates, increased taxes, overcrowded schools, depletion of natural resources, straining emergency services, and compromising public health and safety.

This prevailing sentiment routinely manifested in the form of organized public opposition to new-home communities. Policymaker were pressured to appease growth opponents by imposing higher fees, creating new regulations, and saddling development projects with excessive conditions of approval - increasing costs as well as protracting the permitting process.


Messaging:  By first engaging Godbe research and Inland Empire Economist John Husing we gathered quantitative and qualitative data that was used to give analytical validation to the benefits of industry activity by showing  job creation figures, salaries and tax revenue gained.

Secondly, in an effort to reduce widespread public opposition to residential development, PAC engaged the community from multiple angles including earned media, cable television ads, community briefings and brochures for model-home marketing kits. The macro messages included:
1. By funding police and fire protection, attracting fine restaurants and expanding shopping opportunities, new-home communities improve livability for everyone.
2. By funding new road construction and creating walkable neighborhoods, new residential development helps reduce traffic and makes roads safer for all of us.
3. By paying for water facilities, roads and schools, new parks and trails, and other public services, residential development is directly enhancing our quality of life.

Government Relations: PAC engaged government audiences with a briefing tour, followed by a quarterly email update, called the Builder Bulletin, describing policy initiatives that would help local government achieve housing objectives using market-based incentives. We developed a leave-behind for the briefings that referenced key results from our polling and our economic study.

Media Relations: PAC developed media briefing materials and conducted reporter and editorial board meetings. We also media-trained our client and helped them forge trusting, long-term relationships with reporters and editors to help influence ongoing media coverage.


- We utilized our local coalitions to reduce fee hike initiatives in three cities.

- Our campaign generated unprecedented public awareness reaching more than 500,000 people in the San Bernardino County with more than 1.5 million impressions (news articles, radio and cable news, and cable advertising) combined changing the tone of regional media coverage. Some headlines included:

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