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Land Use: Master Planned Community

The Challenge:

In 2013 Terra Verde, Inc, a real estate development firm based in Texas, purchased the Ranchos Las Flores project in Hesperia, CA out of bankruptcy. Passantino Andersen Communication was hired team to manage and neutralize the growing opposition to the project, and shepherd the 10,000 acre project’s EIR, Specific Plan Amendment, and First Tentative Tract Map towards approval with the City Council.

Opposition to home development in the High Desert was high, especially because of high

concentration of environmental activists in Hesperia and near our project.

Key Activities

- Information Meetings During EIR Review: In

early 2015, with the EIR process underway, our

team organized three public information open

houses to defuse the tensions that had been built

up over the project over the previous year, and

learn where the key opposition was located.

- Proactive public outreach campaign: After

sending out five city-wide mailers, weekly ads in

the paper, and focused influencer outreach in the

area, we were able to provide a counter to the

“Not In My Backyard”-style opponents.

- Key use of public opinion polling: We performed a public opinion survey that showed that nearly 60% of voters supported the project, and met with decision makers to share the results of the survey.

Winning Results

In November, the Planning Commission passed the project unanimously, and in January 2016 the project was passed unanimously by the City Council.

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