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"East Kern is seeing a substantial increase in economic development.  Making sure that this development is consistent with the community's vision is critical to our region's success.  The team at Passantino Andersen has a proven track record of doing just that--helping cultivate economic development while maintaining open and honest communication with the public."

- Zack Scrivner, Kern County Board of Supervisors

"The team at Passantino Andersen have a firm grasp of the political landscape and an effective way of producing results by targeting specific groups. Their knowledge of the local issues, and the bonds they have built in the community, make Passantino Andersen an invaluable asset."

- Congressman Steve Knight, 25th District-CA

"Passantino Andersen is the AVs premier public affairs team. Whenever development occurs there will no doubt be different perspectives and attitudes.  Passantino Andersen has shown the ability to work with all stakeholders to address issues, find common ground and promote local economic growth."

- Vice Mayor Marvin Crist, City of Lancaster

 "Passantino Andersen will not only get the job done, they will do it with their feet firmly footed in their ideals, and by listening to local concerns. Finding a company that not only produces high quality and effective work, but also that you can recommend to being honest and genuine, is refreshing."
- Mayor Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre, City of Barstow 

"When it comes to persuasive communications, consensus-building among competing interests is a skill set that separates the good from the great. Passantino Andersen’s ability to bridge ideas among diverse audiences is well-known throughout the region."
-George Runner, California Board of Equalization/Former State Senator

"Strategic communications is about persuading target audiences to change their behavior in ways that yield favorable outcomes. The team at Passantino Andersen is recognized for their ability to help clients motivate change to achieve measurable results."
- State Senator Sharon Runner (deceased)

"My observations of Passantino Andersen's work has convinced me they have a clear understanding of sound public policy, they know the political landscape, and they're able to create and implement effective strategies for any public affairs effort."
-Former Supervisor, First District, Brad Mizelfelt - San Bernardino County

"A key challenge in changing public policy is translating complex ideas into understandable concepts that motivate the public to act. Few individuals posess both a keen understanding of how government works and powerful communication skills. Not only does George Passantino posess this unique skill set, he is a true agent of change."
-State Senator John M.W. Moorlach

"Passantino Andersen's local relationships combine with their professional expertise to create real value for their clients - and they are always a pleasure to work with."
-Former Councilman Ron Smith - City of Lancaster 

"The principals at Passantino Andersen are well known for their expertise in land-use public affairs. They offer a credible bridge between proponents for economic progress and community activists fearing change. Having these guys on your project team can make a world of difference."
-Former Councilman Ed Pack - City of Hesperia

"I've always been able to call upon the principals at Passantino Andersen and receive sensible strategic counsel. They clearly see the entire playing field, effectively anticipating each move by the players. Working with them has made my job easier."
-Former Councilman Tim Jasper - Town of Apple Valley

"Passantino Andersen is always accessible for strategic advice on important city issues. With their local knowledge, extensive relationships and expertise, they are a valuable resource I can count on."
-Councilman Mark Yarbrough - City of Perris

"I find the principals of Passantino Andersen to be highly skilled and knowledgeable. Being a business and political leader I find few firms that have the understanding they do in moving public opinion. Their persuasive communication skills and strategic planning ensure your messages are razor sharp and laser targeted."
- CPA Former Mayor, David Evans - City of California City

"Insightful strategic advice and thorough implementation are hallmarks at Passantino Andersen. They don't just understand persuasive communications - they live it."
-Councilman Mike Dispenza - City of Palmdale, CA

"The principals at Passantino Andersen are passionately committed to freedom and prosperity, making them effective advocates for economic progress."
- Supervisor 2nd District, Janice Rutherford - San Bernardino County

"The team at Passantino Andersen applies a proven communications model to make the land-use application process run much smoother for everyone. They are very effective at addressing local concerns and helping people better understand how retail and residential development can improve quality of life for everyone in the community."
- Former Mayor Erik Hansen - City of Thornton

"As a local elected official, I appreciate land developers proactively working with neighbors to address public concerns regarding potential community impacts related to their projects. The team at Passantino Andersen has helped land developers effectively manage this process."
- Councilmember Beth Humenik - City of Thornton

"Andy Andersen and George Passantino are among the most effective strategic thinkers in our region. When it comes to framing issues that will move public opinion in your favor, they can get the job done."
- Former Executive Officer, BIA Baldy View Chapter, Frank Williams

"Passantino Andersen Communications is a great firm with experienced leaders and a team of representatives that always put their clients above themselves. Passantino Andersen Communications DOES what it takes to get the job done — you can't lose with these folks on your team."
Dennis Bender, Trustee - Apple Valley Unified School District, 

"The folks at Passantino Andersen always operate in an efficient manner. They are hard workers and portray the utmost professionalism in every venue."
- Former Councilman Ryan McEachron, City of Victorville

"Having been an elected official for eight years and a businessman for over twenty five, I can attest to the superb quality of the work done by Passantino Andersen Communications. It is creative, complete, thorough and effective. I have recommended them without hesitation to my friends and business associates and have never been disappointed in the quality of the work they have provided."
- Former Fresno City Councilman Jerry Duncan

"When a policymaker is faced with a difficult decision which has drawn a great deal of attention, it is extremely important to have a group like Passantino Andersen Communications involved in the political process. I found their efforts with a recent project that came before the City Council in Clovis to be informative and helpful to the decision-making process. They showed our Council and the community the significant support there was for this project. A level of support, which, up that point, was present but apathetic. They found the support and motivated turnout."
- Clovis City Councilman Bob Whalen

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