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Municipal Public Education

Municipal Public Education

Public agencies of all kinds consult Passantino Andersen to help prepare for and pass revenue measures. Our principals have extensive experience improving libraries and parks, expanding police and fire services, upgrading public infrastructure and enhancing landscapes.
Our efforts include experience with:
- School Bonds
- Water Bonds
- Parcel Taxes
- Utility Taxes
- Special Assessment District

Effective Planning Leads to Victory

Before placing your measure on a ballot, our team will help you answer some of the tough questions you will be facing:

- Are voters aware of your needs?
- What are voters willing to support?
- How do you craft a winning measure?
- When is the best time to place a measure on the ballot?

An Investor’s Approach

When a company wants investors to buy their stock, they reference prior success as an indicator of future performance and they engage investors with a steady stream of communications that emphasize small victories over time. They are gaining trust and instilling confidence.

When you ask voters to support a revenue measure, you are asking them to make an investment in their community – for things like better schools, safer neighborhoods and economic development.

You will greatly increase chances for electoral success if you begin a public education program many months before the election, communicating small victories with stakeholders and emphasizing effective resource management.

This way, when you seek voters’ support for a revenue measure, you will have fostered trust and instilled greater confidence that their investment will yield a positive return.

Preparing for the Ballot

We will make recommendations on every detail of the election from optimal timing and appropriate tax rate to ballot language.

And when it’s time to move into the final crucial months leading up to Election Day, our Political Strategy and Campaign Management services are available to guide you.

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