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Land Use: School Saftey Plan

AV Land: Negotiating a Student Safety Plan With School Officials

The Challenge

Antelope Valley Land submitted plans to develop a shopping center in the City of Lancaster that would include a home-improvement center, drug store, car wash, and multiple other commercial projects. Adjacent to the project site is a dirt path that kids walk in route to an elementary school with a 1.5 mile walking radius.

Expressing concern for area students and responding to questions from local school leaders, City officials suggested the possibility of a condition requiring the applicant to provide approximately $160,000 over the course of the project for a bus service during the construction process, to protect students who normally walk this route from construction-related injuries.

Key Activities
Develop an Alternative-
Over a four-day period, we conducted a live-traffic count to determine the number of students passing the project site before school started and after students were released from school. We then developed a comprehensive student safety plan built around this universe. Our plan included crossing guards posted at key locations near the project site before and after school, detour signage, pedestrian barriers along the project site, a parent/teacher notification program using direct mail and auto-dial messages from the school district and construction-team briefings regarding student safety measures to be employed on site.

We pitched the plan to school district leaders to secure their input and answer any questions that they may have had about the project. By being proactive about ensuring student safety, school officials concerns were rapidly allayed.

Winning Results

We secured a formal endorsement of the plan from the school district, which became the preferred condition of approval, saving the client approximately $140,000 while providing superior student safety for area children.

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