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Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

When it comes to marketing, we strive to create connections.

The connection between brands and people. Between your target and their dreams. Between emotions and actions.

First, we help you define your brand.

Then, we set out to capture the “big idea” that will set you apart from competitors, drive more sales and increase market share.

Finally, we provide an integrated marketing program that leverages the full spectrum of media to position your brand favorably among target audiences, helping you achieve your company’s goals.

Our services include:

- Qualitative and quantitative studies, industry analysis and media analysis

- Brand development and refinement

- Marketing communications planning

- Paid media strategy and implementation

- Public relations strategy and implementation

- Online strategy and implementation

- Internal brand strategy

Market Research

In today’s highly fragmented ever changing media landscape, market research is more pertinent than ever.  It is crucial to know specifically, who your customer is and what your organization can do to fulfill their needs.   It is critical to make sure your marketing efforts and business model are reflective of what is desired by consumers who purchase your products and/or services.
Passantino Andersen is an expert in making sure you have all the necessary data to make sound business decisions on behalf of your organization.  We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative analyses to make sure you have the necessary data to successfully market your products and services.
Our Services include:
-          Qualitative and quantitative studies, industry analysis and media analysis
-          Focus Groups
-          In Depth Interviews
-          Secret Shoppers
-          Message Testing
-          Product Testing
-          Media Analysis
-          Product Analysis
-          Competitive Analysis
-          Identifying Market Trends
-          Development of Pilot Programs
-          SWOT Analysis

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