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AAPC Member Spotlight: Scott Alevy



By: Jenni Cutri

Member Spotlight: Scott Alevy

Displaying Scott Alevy

Regional Director
Passantino Andersen Communications, LLC

AAPC: Who do you look up to in the industry?

Scott: Becki Donatelli. It is rare to find someone who has developed a proprietary system that revolutionizes any industry, but Becki’s innovations are iconic. She literally changed how funds are raised, and is a consummate professional…and a lot of fun as well. (Becki is much shorter than I, so looking up to her is a relative thing!)

AAPC: What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Scott: Tell the truth. It’s much easier to remember.

AAPC: Where do you go when you need to be inspired?

Scott: Being a native Southern Californian, the beach has always worked for me. There is something about the pure enormity and power of the ocean that puts things in perspective. In recent years, visiting my parents’ graves has given me the ability to feel their love and inspiration to “do what they would do.”

AAPC: When did you know this was the career for you?

Scott: When I managed my first school bond measure campaign to a 70%-30% win as a volunteer. Using common sense on messaging, involving parents, teachers and students for nightly phone banks and having a strong ground game was enjoyable and made a huge difference. And…it’s always nice to win and to achieve a substantial mandate!

AAPC: How do you manage high-stress situations?

Scott: I try to take a step back and assess the best and worst things that could happen, and focus on the path to achieve the optimum outcome. I internally relate the tension to a few tragic and pressure-filled situations I have lived through in my life, and it somehow eases the tension I am feeling. And I am never afraid to ask others I trust for their input.


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